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 Microcurrent Therapy


Frequency-Specific microcurrent is a treatment modality which has its origins in the healing work performed by a Canadian osteopath in the early 1920s, who was the first to use calibrated instruments capable of detecting energy in living tissue. While little of this physician’s work is known, the device that he utilized, and a number of the effective therapeutic frequencies he discovered, survived him and were rediscovered and further developed by Dr. Carolyn McMakin in the 1990s. It is held that the therapeutic use of microcurrent frequencies were developed in the early 1900s and utilized odd looking electrical equipment that fell out of clinical use in the 1940s. Microcurrent was again introduced to clinical practice as a battery operated physical therapy modality in the 1980s in Europe and the United States, primarily in the use of pain management.


Since that time the technology has continued to improve the specificity of these devices by enabling them to operate with frequencies chosen from 0 to 999.99 in electrical output. While microcurrent equipment is approved for medical use in the category of TENS devices by the FDA, the output they produce, and effects they create, are vastly different.

 Microcurrent Therapy

The Science of Microcurrent Therapy

TENS devices deliver milliamp current which only block pain messages traveling up the spine to the brain. Microcurrent devices deliver subsensory micro-amperage current, 1000 times less than milli-amperage current, which is the same measureable amperage our body uses for cellular communication. The frequencies appear to change a variety of conditions and tissues, decrease pain and increase function in a large number of clinical conditions. Frequency-specific microcurrent is especially effective at treating nerve and muscle pain, inflammation and scar tissue.


Clinical evidence has reproducibly demonstrated that the clinical use of these therapeutic frequencies are effective in the differential diagnosis of pain generators and neurologic conditions. Delivering frequencies and current in millionths of an amp, microcurrent instruments have been shown in published studies to increase energy (ATP) production in cells by 500%. It also increases protein synthesis and waste product removal from cellular tissues. It has been observed that specific frequencies seem to target specific conditions in the tissues. It has also been observed that specific tissues respond to specific frequencies. In many cases the tissue will suddenly soften and become less painful when the right combination of frequencies is used.


 Microcurrent Therapy

The Hands-On Healing Approach

Microcurrent therapy is painless, increases speed of recovery and often promotes healing at a cellular level in conditions which have not responded to other treatments. The effects are long-lasting and the healing of tissue is more complete.


The use of these therapeutic frequencies normalizes soft tissue, softens scar tissue and increases circulation with the effect of removing long-stored waste products. It increases cellular metabolism quickly and this may lead to a detoxification reaction after treatment, similar to that some people experience after deep tissue massage. While frequency-specific microcurrent is an excellent treatment modality that brings about changes in tissue helping to restore healthy cellular activity, it is best paired with exercise and other functional activities.


As your therapist, I will help you by determining what combination of other approaches with microcurrent will bring about the most optimal and complete healing process for you.


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