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Listening to Your Body

Massage is the art with which I elicit the healing response of your body and mind to my touch, using a wide array of manual techniques and therapeutic approaches. With an energetic touch and intuitive direction, I apply my medical knowledge and experience to create an environment in which your body’s self-healing and regulating capabilities are enhanced, and the natural state of your well-being is facilitated.


Always listening for communication at many levels, I am guided by your verbal and non-verbal responses in creating a massage experience which will be sure to be beneficial and enjoyable for you. Trusting your body’s ability to self-organize in response to its environment, I purposefully encourage physiological responses that are calming, soothing, nurturing, and will result in an immediate sense of improved comfort as you walk in this world.

Spiritual and Physical Health

Within my practice I have developed a unique skill set for eliminating myofascial trigger points, promoting fascial mobility, encouraging the health of your organs, and releasing taxing physical and mental stresses from you. By restoring optimal balance between mobility, stability, and flexibility, your movements and positions can once again become comfortable and sustaining of your health.


When you schedule a massage with me you have allowed me the privilege to work with your body’s own inner wisdom, my hands an extension of energetic exchange which will result in a profound and lasting benefit. It is an honor to be trusted with your well-being, one which I humbly accept, with confidence created by years of clinical application and open-hearted responsiveness.



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60 Minute Massage

A one-hour massage of the soft tissues utilizing skilled manipulation by my hands, and a compilation of approaches to provide relaxation, and elimination of tension and discomfort from your body. This session is performed nude, or partially-clad to your comfort, in a warm room with appropriate draping to ensure your comfort and modesty. The massage is accompanied by quiet music and the faint sound of trickling waters to enhance your relaxation response. I will focus upon those areas you request, or be led by experience and intuition to include essential work for your desired outcome.


90 Minute Massage

A 90 minute massage (as described above), affording a longer session to achieve your relaxation and relief of stress, tension, and discomfort from your body. This service is highly recommended for those with significant muscular tension, multiple sites of discomfort, or who have difficulty in achieving a relaxed state in their body. I have found this additional time is essential for the adequate attention to the whole body, and for in-depth attention to specifically challenging areas.


Hot Stone Massage

This customized healing session utilizes basalt stones from Indonesia which have been hand-selected for their uniformly smooth surfaces and ability to hold an evenly warm temperature. Stones will be placed upon strategic locations of your body providing a deep relaxation experience, while warm, oiled stones will be held in my hands and used to deeply mold and sculpt your muscles along their lines of stress and fascial integrity. This session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes depending upon your response to the work, and to the heated stones themselves. I will use the stones on all areas of your body unless otherwise instructed by you. Areas identified will receive additional attention as you choose.


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