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Orthotic Management of Foot/Ankle Dysfunction

Orthotic Management of Foot/Ankle Dysfunction

The Foot and Ankle

The complexity of the foot and ankle structures creates a potential source for many challenges, including structural malalignment, excessive or inadequate mobility, and inefficient performance in structural support. Many of these challenges require the need for external support or realignment that only a custom-fabricated orthotic shoe insert can provide. With each foot being unique, careful biomechanical analysis is required to create the specific corrections or compensations required for optimal and comfortable function. The evaluation and casting techniques I employ have been demonstrated as having the specificity and efficacy required to accurately assess the structures of the feet and ankles and create the corrections and adaptations they require.


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Orthotic Management

Orthotic management within this treatment approach has been successful in addressing symptoms of the feet and ankles as well as knee, hip, sacroiliac joint, lower back, and even neck regions. Compensations for structural malalignment in the supporting base of your feet have effects on the entire body when in the weight-bearing positions. Fortunately, this relatively simple and inexpensive management approach addresses these whole-body effects efficiently, cost effectively and with profound success.


Custom Orthotic Evaluation/Fabrication: $240