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Welcome to Hands-On Healing, offering a unique concept in personal health, well-being and optimal human performance.


Sometimes along our path we are caught unaware, surprised by the occurrence of illness or injury. These moments provide us with opportunities to improve our health and well-being, to heal, and to become better prepared for life’s events.


Then there are those callings for us to perform at our peak, to strive to achieve unattained goals. Those require our optimal condition, a state of readiness often lacking or undeveloped in our current circumstances.

It is the synchronous expression of our healthy mind, body, and soul that enables us to reach peak performance and accomplishment; the alignment within self that propels us toward manifesting our ideal realities.


Allow yourself the opportunity to learn more about achieving and maintaining your vibrant health, to develop skills for that achievement, and to receive assistance in that accomplishment. At Hands-On Healing the unique needs of each individual are honored and recognized in a program design and professional services committed to helping you to be your best.


Please familiarize yourself with my services, and schedule an appointment to begin to receive assistance toward gaining that which you truly choose to resonate with.


Physical Therapy

The comprehensive physical therapy program is comprised of evaluation and treatment procedures specifically designed to restore or achieve optimal movement and function, and to relieve pain. Learn more.



Massage Therapy

Massage is the art with which I elicit the healing response of your body and mind to my touch, using a wide array of manual techniques and therapeutic approaches. Learn more.

Trigger Point
Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Manual therapy is the practice of the art and science of skilled manipulation by a qualified therapist, of virtually every tissue and organ system of the body. Learn more.


Microcurrent Therapy

Frequency-Specific Microcurrent Therapy

Clinical evidence has demonstrated that the clinical use of therapeutic microcurrent frequencies are effective in the differential diagnosis of pain generators and neurologic conditions. Learn more.

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